Police Officials hand over 5 Liyuu officers who mistakenly strayed into SL territory to Ethiopian Officials




By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland police on Friday handed over five armed Ethiopian security officer belonging to the Somali administered new police force and two civilians, one who was a driver of the vehicle.

Somaliland police caught the liyuu police officers and the technical Toyota 1H land cruisier in Faraweyne District the southern fringes of Maroodi Jeh region, after they mistakenly strayed inside Somaliland territory.

Brigadier -General Abdurrahman Liban Foolxe, the Deputy Commander of Somaliland police force speaking to members of the media during a press conference held today at the police headquarters said, “Somaliland police officers based in Faraweyne district on Friday apprehended five armed liyuu police officers and impounded their technical Toyota 1H land cruiser and they were later transferred to Hargeisa.

“We contacted the Ethiopian Embassy to report the incident and after sought out things with the other side, the director of operations (Somaliland police) escorted liyuu police officers to the Wajale border whereby they handed over, he said.

“The relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia is based on people to people relationship and the free movement of people and trade as well as safe guarding and securing the security of the two countries must be priority number one for both countries. It must be enhanced and maintained all the time,” he added.


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