Let’s make legendary musketeers’ motto our rallying cry Thanks to good omen


 The THT which kicked off mobilization of relief
efforts over a fortnight ago may smile today having seen the
President’s wishes adhered to. So far so good ; for the legendary
spirit of the French Musketeers.
That much said, we hope, wish and would like to see the brotherly, or
precisely the brethren-ship of brotherhood bond that cuts across the
political parties, NGOs and the people work together with the state as
a solid unit for the good of the people.
This brotherhood bond which was put forth this week should not only go
on this way, but in fact, should be seen to continue this way in all
aspects of our socio-economical and associated lives.
Whoever brings in partisanship in the status quo should not only be
shunned, but should be ashamed.
As we had said before in this column do we maintain the fact that no
tribal or political interjections should be allowed to manipulate or
cash in on the plight of affected people and regions.
We hail all those who have come out in support of the mobilization,
coordination or supply of the relief efforts.
We on the same note praise the gallant Somalilanders who are
benevolent enough as to rise to the occasion.
It is in this spirit that the THT blew the horns before all, wanting
to and wishing for the brethren-ship scenario of “One for All” and
“All for One” to be both acknowledged and activated!
This immortalized legendry royal French Musketeers rallying cry should
be what Somalilanders make as a motto.
It is our earnest belief that with this rallying cry we would endeavor
more than can envision.
Real sports curtail tribalism
This week has seen soccer and basketball tournaments commence and end stylishly.
We are happy that the President attended both the opening and the
closing ceremonies of the soccer games.
The VP on the other hand opened the basketball tournament.
So far so good for the merry-making and the happiness associated thereof.
But in reality, as far as the real comprehensive games are concerned,
have the sports ministry done its cue?
Have the sports ministry organized different sporting disciplines as
it is supported to?
Have it, equally, organized or facilitated the organizations of the
different societies charged with the associated disciplines?
Take for example what the essence of sporting is supposed to be. The
games itself in its various disciplines and the spirit of the
entangles, termed competition, is expected (and ought) to do service
to three major purpose.
1.      Sports integrates different societies, communities and peers
2.      It fosters bonds of friendship and togetherness
3.      It demolishes tribalism and partisan retrogressive ideologies
related to clannish tendencies or ill-innuendoes.
How does it do?
By constantly engaging in the games through timely series over three
quarters of a year or so.
Now the question is; does this scenario happen in SL? The answer is
simply NO! Ours is sadly quite the opposite.
We do not have sporting organizational schemes in the country.
For instance, as for soccer, we sit down cross-legged and arms folded
for a whole year; and then for two short weeks we cobble teams and
give them regional tags hence hype premier league finals as being
Whereas the sports and sporting spirit is should have worked wonders,
ours do just the opposite of what the eventual tournaments is supposed
to do and/or achieve!
We urge the ministry to review its policies and toe the right one.
Sports must be a continuous process.
Can we call our participants sportsmen while they are tossed away for
a whole year and show up for only a fortnight?
Are they physically fit to indulge in these tournaments or are they
vulnerable to dangers we expose them to e.g. unnecessary organ tears?
As for friendly scenario and anti-tribalism causes, what do our end
results show?
Please, please! Let’s be sincere in all our undertakings and faithful
to our causes and aspirations!


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