NEC trains 350 New staff in Sool ,Haysimo and Buhodle regions ahead of 2017 polls


necBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) yesterday concluded 8-day training session in preparation for next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections for 350 staff in Sool ,Haysimo and Buhodle regions.


The training organised by National Electoral Commission (NEC) on preparation and conduct during the elections.


Mr. Abdillahi Labagole , the commission’s head in Sool region, said the training was meant to equip electoral officials with more knowledge on election processes and procedures.


“You know, one of the responsibilities of the Electoral Commission is to conduct civic education programmes, to educate our people on how to conduct themselves during the elections and how to vote. So, it’s in this regard we organised this workshop,” Labagole said.


The NEC official added, “This workshop is very important because it is the first we conduct such a training in these three regions will equip our staff with more skills in election management and I believe this will play a key role in the next year’s elections for the Presidential and Members of Parliament”.


Ibrahim Mohamed Harbi who spoke on behalf of the trainees, said the workshop will help them clearly understand the electoral systems and to learn more how to prepare and conduct free and fair elections.


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