Somaliland affairs doesn’t concern Somalia, says Bashe who scoffs at peddlers of lies


asasBy M.A. Egge

Somaliland’s Ambassador to UAE H.E. Bashe Awil Omar has put it categorically that not Somalia nor any foreign entity can hinder an official treaty entered between the government and the Dubai Ports World (DP World) which concerns only the bearers.

At the same time the diplomat scoffed as press reports which alleged that the Berbera port has already embarked business as per the new SL -DP World treaty.

H.E. Bashe who was speaking yesterday to Dawan Media Group reporter Mohammud Walaaleeye through the telephone while in Dubai, clarified the fact that contrary to a Somalia official who declared the Berbera takeover by DP World as null and void, the truth is that the deal was clinched by the government of Somaliland led by its own Head of State who vouched for it.

He said that it did not concern Somalia at all since we were two separate countries.

He was categorical that the SL-DP World agreement was entered by both parties officially after having come to terms between themselves.

Asked about similar local media report claims that business at the port with the new terms was already in process and that workers were already being laid-off or replaced, the ambassador wondered how on earth such lies could be peddled so cheaply.

“I assume the peddlers of the lies are short minded persons”, he said, and posed, “Is it not known that the deal still has to undergo some passage and is yet to be finalized?”

He however said that as far as the plight of workers is concerned, only skilled manpower that is not readily available within the country that may need expertise from elsewhere.

He lastly said that the finer details are yet to be finalized and sealed.

He added that SL team of cabinet members who were in the negotiations of the issue was expected to soon follow-up and meet the DP World for finalization.

He thanked the legislative assembly for voting for the investiture to be made at Berbera port hence termed their step as the most crucial one for the procedures.

He described the move by the parliament as a win-win milestone situation for the nation, her people and the posterity.



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