President meets Hudun and Taleeh Elders


DSC_0005By M.A. Egge

The Elders of Hudun and Taleeh paid a courtesy call to the President H.E. Ahmed M. Mohamud on Thursday morning.

The elders and eminent personalities who are members of the hitherto rival clans made the call to the President after reconciliations were struck amicably.

The elders were in the city in the recent weeks for the culmination of a series of lengthy talks that sought to (and finally) addressed fully the bone of contention to amicable and fruitful conclusions.

“The courtesy call  paid by the elders was to mainly greet the President for wishful tidings since they were returning back to their regions”, said the Information, National Guidance and Culture minister Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid to reporters outside the Presidency.

Hon. Sharadid happens to be one of the main facilitators in the conciliatory talks.

He revealed “They pondered on several points with the President to which they had an understanding hence agreed upon”.

He said that the points bordered upon reconciliation, pacification and uniting the brethren communities of the country, and particularly, whats going on in Darkeyn-geenyo and Taleeh.DSC_0008

One of the elders said to the press, “Our visit to the President was precisely based on pledges of ways and means of bolstering the brotherly agreement and accords reached”.

He further said that the President and the minister of the cabinet pledged to duly do their part as far as programs on developmental aspects are concerned.DSC_0009


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