Presidential mission on Darkeyn-geenyo triumphant


Delegation hails President for swift and timely action

DSC_0027By M.A. Egge

The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud received the pacification committee charged with the task of addressing the recent Darkeyn-geenyo and Dumay skirmishes in Sool region at the Presidency yesterday.

The committee which comprised of Sultans (senior traditional leaders) and Guurti (Upper House of Elders) members gave the President an updated review of the issue in which they termed it as “highly triumphant and fruitful”.

The head of the delegation Sultan Ismael Sultan Abdirahman had in his team Sultan Omar Sultan Mohammed, Sultan Dawal, Sultan Said Duale and Sultan Mohammed M. Handulle amongst others.

They said that the foremost honour was bestowed upon the President who tooktimely and swift action about the unfortunate incidence and ordered the security apparatus to arrest the situation.

“We have been quite fortunate and triumphant in our mission hence the main bulk of the issue has been addressed”. Said the delegation.

“What is left is simple procedural undertakings”, they added.

They praised the military for dealing with the skirmishes where many lost lives with professional acumen and maturity.

They equally hailed the regional governor who was present Mustaffa Abdi Shiine, the local are traditional leaders, elders etc for their steadfastness in seeing to it that peaceful stability was maintained and prevalent.

They said that the local residents immensely supported the delegation.

They confirmed 47 lives lost and that they have put in place safety nets to curtail further breach of public peace such as the serving of oath to 20 Aqils (Traditional Leaders).

The President who was flanked by his Vice H.E. Abdirahman A. Ismael told them that “It was an obligation upon us all” and thanked them for their efforts  present were presidency Minister Hon. Mohammud Hashi Abdi, the regional governor, the Presidential spokesman and the Private Secretary to the President.



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