Hudun inter-clan rivalry is now a foregone conclusion


sawirka heshiiskaBy M.A. Egge

The 6 years  long standing hostility between two Hudun district sub-clans was officially and finally brought to a halt.

During a signing ceremony to the agreements that culminated after a series of reconciliatory talks that was witnessed by severel eminent personalities, the Minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid thanked the members of both parties for the amicable manner that they reconciled.

He at the same time thanked the ministers of the Presidency, Resettlement, Water Resources and MP Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Kore for the part they payed in the process.

Hon. Ali Said Reygal thanked all the parties for their conduct and fruitful results.

Hon. Bashe Ali Jama on his part called for the root causes of such scenarios to be removed. He advised for the bolstering of security and justice apparatus to be availed in all areas.

Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore touched on the importance of prioritizing stability, decentralization of administration and facilitation of democratization processes such as electioneering.

This signing ceremony follows the state’s official declaration of the the end of hostilities between the two warring sub-clans residing in Hudun area during a reconciliatory meeting held at the Ministry of Information, National Guidance and Cultural headquarters in Hargeisa last week.

This was the apex of a series of conciliatory talks that was held both at the Information headquarters and Hudun district in Sool region that went on for a while, especially during the month of May in which the Ministers of Information, Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid, Resettlement Hon. Ali Said Reygal, Water Resources, Hon. Bashe Ali Jama and Presidency Hon. Mohammud Abdi Hashi visited Hudun attending the talks.

Hon. Sahardid officially declared the reconciliation and end of the hostilities between the warring factions at the function held in his ministry’s headquarters over the week, on the Eve of Idd ul Ftr, which was attended by representatives from both former rivals.

Hon. Sahardid had announced that for a fortnight there were elders from both warring Hudun sub-clans who gathered in Hargeisa to formally finalize the agreements of their conciliatory talks.

“This is the result of what followed our May trip to Hudun hence I hereby declare a formal announcement of reconciliations that has been finally reached that addresses that bone of contentions between the warring parties”, he said.

He thanked profusely the residents of “Hudun district or Nugaal as a whole or Karamaan or Ban’adde or Sool or Hadeed and Somaliland at large” for having reached the reconciliation in a beautiful manner.

He said, “This is part and parcel of pacification efforts that the government is indulged in various places like Taleeh and Derkeyn-geenyo.

On the other hand, in confirmation of the announcement two Aqils (Traditional Leaders) who represented both parties supported the move.

Aqil Mohammed Askar Jama hailed the country’s homemade tradition of reconciliations.

He said that the Jidbaalle and its evirons fatal incident issue was now a forgone conclusion and that his part will adhere to their part of the bargains.

On his part, Chief Aqil Musa Adan Adde said that both the Jidbaalle and Hananley fatal incidences will have their issues fully addressed to fruitful conclusion.

He said that the agreement had ended triumphantly for both parties in an aura of brotherliness.

They both urged for the upholding of peaceful stability, harmony and brotherhood.



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