Let’s Jointly Maintain Peaceful Stability, President tells Somalilanders



QH6A7131SL to retain 35% in Milestone Deal

By M. A. Egge

The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo has reiterated the need of having to jointly work towards the maintenance of peaceful stability and the pepping up of policies that would advance foreign investment to be made in the country.

The President gave the sentiments in a speech he delivered at the prestigious Jumeira towers in Dubai yesterday morning.

The President shed light on the just signed MoU that leases Berbera to Dubai Ports World during an 18th May independence function held by SL embassy at the venue.

The President and his entourage have been at the UAE for the past week whereby the milestone agreement was reached over the week.

In the new takeover agreement SL will retain 35%.

“SL will always welcome any investments that would be positive to the development of the people and nation of Somaliland”, said the President.

He said that the need to have the investment like the one just agreed upon was to boost the economy of the country, to fledge the commercial industry hence raise the people’s standard of living.

The President said that he welcomed such investment in all sectors of development e.g. Mining, marine resources etc hence to be established in compatibility with the constitution of the country’s legislation.

The President thanked the UAE government for the manner in which they welcomed him and his entourage and the success of the agreement.

“We are convinced that our conversation which went well was for the best interests of both peoples of our countries”, said the President.

He appealed to all Somalilanders to be in solidarity and aspire for their objectives.

“What we have achieved for the past 25 years is obvious”, he said, and added, “We need to jointly work towards peaceful stability by maintaining security, achieved progressive developments and formulate policies that would boost foreign investments”.

The SL ambassador to UAE H.E. Bashe Awil noted that this was the biggest ever foreign investment deal that has been clinched by the country.

Kulmiye chairman and Presidential flagbearer Muse Bihi Abdi, said that it was imperative for SL constitution to be adhered to and that equality should be upheld.

Health Minister Hon, Suleiman Issa Hagletosie said that unity solidarity and togetherness should be prioritized and that peaceful stability should be maintained.

Presidency Minister Hon. Mohammud Hashi  Abdi revealed that 35% share will be retained by the state in the DP World’s takeover deal just clinched.

Other minsters in Ministers in the President’s entourage included Hon. Abdillah M. Dahir of Livestock, Development, Hon. Zamzam Abdi of Finance and Hon. Omar

The President was accompanied by the First Lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed Jirde.

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President Silanyo
KULMIYE Muuse Bihi
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Mahmoud Hashi
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