Operations Center to Improve Maritime Safety Opens in Berbera




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Colorado, USA – 27 May 2016: Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), EUCAP Nestor and the Somaliland Coast Guard announced today the opening of the Berbera Maritime Operations Center. The center operated by the Somaliland Coast Guard and part of the OBP Maritime Communications Initiative, will improve the quality and speed of communication increasing the safety of Somaliland waters for local maritime traffic and will assist in combatting illegal fishing, piracy and other maritime crimes.

The opening of the center, primarily funded by the Taipei Representative Office in the European Union and Belgium, was marked by a small ceremony attended by officials from OBP, Somaliland, the United Nations, and the European Union. To improve communication and visibility with traffic in Somali waters, the new center features updated equipment and systems including VHF and HF radios and the internet-based SEA VISION maritime situational awareness system. The center is solar powered to maximize operating efficiency and reduce costs. Internet was provided by the Somaliland government to enable these capabilities and ensure the long term sustainability of the center.

According to the ROC Representative to the EU and Belgium, Tung Kyo-yu, “The centers will collaborate with international naval forces and local authorities to increase the safety of seafarers operating in the region.”

EUCAP Nestor and OBP carried out initial training for the operations staff, on board the EUNAVFOR vessel, FGS ERFURT. The staff was trained in maritime communications procedures and the basics of maritime situational awareness and information sharing. It is expected that a long-term partnership for coordinated training will continue to provide needed training and mentoring for the center.

According to Ben Lawellin, the OBP Manager for the project, “The development of the center was a team effort between a number of international actors, and we expect that this coordination will continue. We could not have done this without the help and prompt assistance from the Somaliland authorities.”

Work on the next Somali center is expected to begin this fall.

Berbera First Phase Press Release – Update 5.25

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) is a project of One Earth Future Foundation (OEF). OEF is a private foundation located near Denver, Colorado in the United States, which is committed to multi-stakeholder initiatives to resolve issues related to conflict. OBP encourages close cooperation across the international maritime community to develop long-term, sustainable solutions to piracy. More information can found at: www.oceansbeyondpiracy.org 525 Zang St. Ÿ Suite C Ÿ Broomfield, Colorado Ÿ 80021 Ÿ USA info@oceansbeyondpiracy.org Ÿ +1 720.266.2552

525 Zang St. Ÿ Suite C Ÿ Broomfield, Colorado Ÿ 80021 Ÿ USA info@oceansbeyondpiracy.org Ÿ +1 720.266.2552


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