Somaliland 5 promising startups to watch in 2017


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Somaliland is a self-declared state of four million people, bordered by Ethiopia and Djibouti. The capital is Hargeisa, which is home to just over a quarter of the population, according to Somaliland government figures.

The World Bank sets Somaliland’s per capita GDP at US$347 – the fourth lowest in the world. Unemployment stands at 72% for men, 83% for women, and 75% for youth. However, Somaliland holds regular, democratic elections and, according to the BBC, is “one of the more stable, democratic places in the Horn of Africa.”

In light of this, Samir Dualeh, who is from Somaliland and currently lives in Sweden, writes about a few of the small businesses being established in Somaliland, the needs that they are meeting, and why he feels that they will be successful in creating jobs and income.

Though I am from Somaliland, I can’t claim to have knowledge of these new businesses beyond my own personal experience of them. But each of them – from a massage parlour to a pharmacy chain – has characteristics that seem to show that they will continue to grow and improve the lives of Somaliland’s residents – both their customers and the people they employ.

Sultan restaurant

Sultan restaurant