President names national committee on recognition and SL-Somalia talks


silanyoThis year’s organizing committee for independence anniversary named, with commemoration slated to have unprecedented international impact

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has at last named the national committee that he had pledged to in the beginning of the year charged with the special task of seeing to it that the aspirations of Somaliland as concerns recognition is realized. It is made up of high profile personalities.

The Head of State at the same time named in juxtaposition another committee to oversee the organization of this year’s Independence Day commemoration in a manner that would make a major international impact.

The former committee is made up of eighteen members while the latter one is made up of fourteen.

In a press release by the new Presidential spokesperson Mr. Abdirahman Sh. Elmi Fahiye popularly known as Shamah the Presidential decree prescribed for them the tasks of the formulation and the preparation of the program on the lobbying for International recognition and on the advisory, consultancy and recommendations of the modes of the Somaliland-Somalia talks.

The members of the recognition and talks committee that includes only one eminent lady personality are:-

  1. Hon. Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire- Foreign Affairs Minister
  2. Hon. MohamudHashi Abdi-Presidency Minister
  3. Hussein Ali Duale (Awil)- The Presidential Adviser on Recognition lobby and Somaliland/ Somalia Talks.
  4. Presidential Advisor on Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdo Ahmed Ayir
  5. Ambassador at large Rabi Ahmed Mohammed
  6. Ali Ahmed Osman- Somaliland Representative to Turkey
  7. Lady Edna Aden Ismael-Former FM
  8. Dr. Mohammed Abdillahi Omar-former FM
  9. Prof. Mohammed Said Gees-former FM
  10. Abdillahi Jama Osman (Geeljire)-former Information and Fisheries minister
  11. Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guleid- Amoud University Chancellor
  12. Prof. Ahmed Ismael Samatar—Mac -Alister college, Minister
  13. Mohamud Hussein Farah-Dean of Law faculty-Hargeisa University
  14. Ibrahim Hashi Jama- Lawyer (International Relations)
  15. Dr. Abdi Noor Kijande- Chairman of Foreign  Affairs committee, House of Representative
  16. Ahmed Dahir Jirde-chairman-Foreign Affairs Committee, the Guurti
  17. Eng. Feisal Ali Waraabe- Chairman UCID political party
  18. Abdirahman Yusuf Duale-Press Secretary, WADANI political party

The President reiterated the fact that his administration was not only steadfast but revitalizing and pepping up its efforts towards the achievement of recognition.

He said that it was in line with this spirit that he has constituted the national task force.

The President made the pledge when he addressed the National Assemblies Parliament in a joint speech to the Nation.

It is to be noted that the names that have been incorporated into the committee are high profile ones and some quite unprecedented hence are expected to pep up the virulence with which the committee would operate.

In juxtaposition the President named another committee that is expected to, this time round, bring to a new height the awareness of Somaliland’s aspirations as far as international impact is concerned.

The President said that this committee that is charged with the task of organizing the 25th Somaliland Independence Anniversary on the 18th of May should be made a big deal in 2016 such that a global impact may be made as concerns the country’s resolve to its aspirations.

The President called for the committees to be diligent and selfless in their undertakings.

The fourteen member committee led by the Minister of Interior Hon. Waran’adde as its chairman will consist of the minister of Finance Hon. Zamzam as the deputy.

Other members of are:-

3. Defence Minister Hon. A. Adani

4. Justice Minister-Hon. Ahmed Mohammed Adarre

5. Minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture- Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid.

6. Minister of State for the Presidency-

7. Hargeisa City Mayor

8. Presidential Advisor on Gender Affairs

9. Sharmarke Ahmed Muhummed, Secretary to the Cabinet (the Secretary)

10. Aydarus Mahdi Hashi

11. Mustaffa Sa’adDimbil (SONSAF)

12. Mohammed Ahmed Mohamud (SONSAF)

13. Nafisa Yusuf (NEGAAD)

14. Said Omar Ali (SONYO).


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