Second Hargeisa water reservoir under construction


20160220_131302(0)Foundation stones laid for perimeter fence, reservoirs

By M.A. Egge

The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohammud Hashi Abdi flanked by the state minister for water resources Hon. Mahdi Osman Buuri, the Hargeisa water agency manager Eng Ibrahim Siyad Yonis and the city Mayor Cllr. Abdirahman M. Aydeed graced the function where the minister laid the foundation stone for the new water reservoir center’s perimeter fence in the north of the city.

The minister noted that the trust of the International Community was harnessed through the good causes indulged by the government, progress consciousness and proposals of sincere and just riddance which uplifted and developed the livelihood of the people.

He noted that it was through such steadfastness that good causes and prosperity were achieved.

On his part the state minister for water resources Hon. Mahdi Osman Buuri said that the essence “was not only to get water but clean and safe water”.

It is to such reason that the major perimeter fence was being constructed.

The Mayor echoed similar words and thanked the HWA for their diligence.

On his part the HWA chief underscored the fact that to get the plot that would have two new reservoir constructed upon the government had to relocate 145 families to a new area.

He said that the relocation which was finalized last week was able to be achieved through the funding of the Japanese government and implemented by the UN-HABITAT.

Similar number of houses were constructed for the evacuated family members.

The two new reservoirs will be able to carry 500m2 of water each, several times larger than the current water reservoirs.

The coordination of the efforts was likewise facilitated with the help of the Municipal Council and the labour and resettlement departments.

Meanwhile early last week Presidency Minister Hon. MohamudHashi Abdi laid the foundation stone of the new two water reservoirs being built at Geed-Deeble, the city’s main water resource, becoming a second center.

The new water reservoirs are part and parcel of the major ongoing efforts the administration is undertaking to supplement and supply the direly needed commodity to the city.

The government have for a time new put extra works on the project, something that the administration has prioritized.

The function which was graced by eminent personalities saw the minister jointly lay the foundation with the water resource state minister and the manager of Hargeisa water agency.

Others were the Hargeisa city mayor Cllr. Abdirahman Aideed, the CEO of Hargeisa municipality and city councilors amongst other personalities.

The structure is being put at on area where from the government had translocated some 145 families from the area in a funded evacuation move.

In his speech at the function the minister reminded the audience that this was part and parcel of the President’s pledges in his campaigns that were being implemented.

He said that the new reservoir center is going to be the second one hence will help supply water to the now estimated 1.3 million residents of the city.

The initial one was meant to cater for 150,000 people and was put in place way back in 1972.

“This project is going to cost 54 million USD”, he said, a grant from the IC.

He thanked the international community for the aid. He likewise thanked in particular the AU and EU who are footing 15 million Euro dollars and 10 million as part of the bill. He in specifically pointed out the Danish aid through the SDF.

He also thanked UN-Habitat who are in part implementing the project.

The water project is a major one who’s piping are a large scale starting from its source, its reserve and to its supply.



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