U’kuse warns Galayd against insurgency, urges Buuhoodle residents to maintain peaceful stability


By M.A. Egge

“I remind Ali Khalif that he is an elder and should exercise the wisdom expected of him”, said the minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture to members of the press in a conference he called yesterday at his office.

Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse whose portfolio carries the national spokesperson-ship task cautioned the Somalia politician Dr. Ali Khalif Galayd against instigating terror and insurgency in the country.

“Don’t revel in the perpetual shedding of blood”, Hon. U’kuse warned Galayd.

In his massage to the insurgency broker and the people of Buhodle region as a whole, the minister wondered, “Is it not ironic that whenever Galayd visits Buhodle there is blood in its wake hence when he departs back to Mogadishu calm reigns in the area?!

He continued, “Can he not be told clearly to keep peace and stay calmly?” he asked.

In his message which in itself was filled and ridden with wisdom, the minister pointed out that Galayd was welcome back in his country to continue the brokerage of peace and stability.

“We welcome Galayd to help foster peace for he is an elder who happens to be an intellectual and ask him to emulate Professor Suleiman (Amoud’s chancellor) and Ahmed Silanyo (the President) in their cause of establishing peace, prosperity and unity”, said Hon. U’kuse.

The minister said that the instigator’s children were safely in the US and those of Buhodle should be given chance to chart out their future peacefully.

“Ali Khalif, the children around the homestead you are and its vicinity whom you instigate to spill blood need the same goodies of life (health, education etc) like your our children who are in the United States do!”

He said that long standing animosity between to major antagonistic communities was recently thrashed out in the area.

The message of the minister comes a day after there was reported skirmishe at Arroweyn, some 40km north of Buhodle, whereby gunslingers sprayed bullets on patrons in a tea shop that claimed one life and gravely wounding two others.

Ali Khalif Galayd who happened to have left the village at 10:00am on Friday is suspected by pundits to be the instigator of the attack whose unfortunate incident happened three to four hours later.

Whether it is verified or not the fact is that, whenever he visited places in the region such spills of blood dotted his footsteps, as the minister quite well put it.

The minister made a passionate appeal to the area residents to keep vigil and maintain peaceful stability.

Pundits fear that the Arroweine incident may rekindle the present animosities, something the country cannot afford.


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