Hashi graces major function to revive Fa’aweyn academy


IMG_8937By M.A. Egge
The Minister of the Presidency led a high note delegation to participate in a major function of launching the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the historical Fa’aweyn schools in Adadley District of Marodijeh Region.
Hon. Mohammed Hashi Abdi noted that the school in its heydays saw the molding of Somaliland’s cream of scholars and eminent personalities, amongst them the current Chief of the Armed Forces of defence staff, Major General Ismael Shaqalle.
The minister thanked the Khayre 21 society for taking the initiation of facilitating the resuscitation of the academy.
“The administration of President Silanyo is known to be a development conscious one not because it dishes out cash but because of collecting the taxes and managing them well for good causes”, said Hon. Hashi.
The minister who was flanked by high profile cabinet members, government and security officials said that the country which was rising from ruins was being build in peace-meal.
“It is the state’s policy to eke in for causes of development aspects initiated by communities and supplement them”, he said.
The school is being rebuilt in this fashion too.
“It is incumbent upon the state to undertake this task but at the same time the initiations underscored as a policy and noted hence supported”, said the minister.
He thanked the forces Chief Major General Ismael Shaqalle, a past student of Fa’aweyn for undertaking to build the school’s perimeter fence.
Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde, Aviation Minister Osman Sahardid Adani, Major General Ismael Shaqalle, the dep army commander Brig Libaah, and the army’s chief operations commander Brigadien Gen. Abdillahi Dabagalle, and several traditional led by Sultan Yusuf M. Hirey were amongst high profile officials who graced the occassion.


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