Ministry of Interior gets New HQ


DSC_0005By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo on Wednesday attended the opening ceremony of the new Ministry of Interior headquarters.

President Silanyo after cutting the tape to the newly constructed building was then given a toured through some offices including the various security sectors which fall under the Ministry of Interior.

President Silanyo speaking during the event said, “I am very happy today to be attending the opening ceremony of the new Ministry of Interior headquarters.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would first of all, I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the officials and employees of the Ministry of Interior and most of all Hon Ali Mohamed Waran Cade.

I, would also like to thank USAID for providing the funds for the construction of the new building and the “T is” organization which was responsible for the implemented of the project.

Finally, I congratulate the police, coastguard and immigration as dedicated service to the public.

I, say to you(Security forces) keep up the good job, continue to provide better service to fellow citizens .

The government is committed to national building and also to uphold the peace and security.

Finally, President Silanyo was awarded an honorary award jointly by all six regional Governors, the Mayors of main cities and the Ministry of Interior for his dedication and continuous support in the area of development.

Among those attending the event were several cabinet ministers, government officials, Tribal elders, intellectuals, citizens, organizations which work in closely with the Ministry.


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