Government Introduces new measures to strengthen security


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Council of Ministers of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland President conference, and chaired by H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo on the 24/12/2015 during a meeting held inside the Conference Hall at the presidency, the aims of the meeting was to strengthen the safety and security of the nation, especially the protection of our borders (AIR, LAND and SEA) and risks of movement, are discussed in terms of the following:

1)       Travel between the two countries Somaliland and Somalia,

2)       Tighter border control with neighboring countries

3)       Prevention of illegal immigration passing through Somaliland

4)   The issue of illegal migrants currently living in the country without proper documents


Therefore, the council of Ministers after intense delibrations on the matter have come up with the following conclusion:-



  1.      Somalia nationals traveling to Somaliland are required to


  1. a) To     be in possession of a legal federal government of Somalia Passport before entering Somaliland territory.
  2. b)      Any persons traveling out the country a passport is required to obtain a valid travel document (GO HOME)from the nearest Somaliland Immigration office before purchasing a ticket.
  3. c)       All Somalia nationals are required to carry their nation’s respective passports in order to facilitate easy travel and must pay $15 fee for the visa
  4.    Somaliland citizens traveling between the two countries:

Somaliland citizens are required by law to have the following requirements:

  1. a) A valid Somaliland, otherwise the ticket will not be issued
  2. b)       Somaliland National Identity citizenship citizen card(ID)


Somaliland’s citizens return to the country are required to have the following requirements:

  1. a)       To be in possession of a valid Somaliland passport. or
  2. b)       ID citizenship citizen .or
  3. c)       To present a person as guarantor proving he/she is a Somaliland citizen and at the same to be in a position to fill the necessary personal forms to be issued by the relevant Airline firm.


  1.      The immigrants illegal in the country illegally and the flow of illegal immigrants:


1)       All Foreign citizens wishing to travel to Somaliland are required to be in possesionn of a visa or must before travelling to the country obtain a visa from Somaliland foreign missions

2)       From 01.01.2016 Any persons living or staying in the country illegally or without proper permission must leave within 30 days, or within a period stated in the Residence Permit letter. After this period, the immigration department will take the necessary actions to remove or expel such a person from the country.


3)     As 01.01.2016 and in accordance with the cabient resolutions issued, illegal immigarants are hereby prohabited from renting or using guest/logde house,remittance , renting house , car rent or produce a valid national identity card before seeking the profesions of such.


4)   From 01.01.2016, the law shall officially prohibit Telecommunications companies from issuing SIM card phone recognition. Anyone who opens the phone must be registered, or produce a copy of their identity except.


5)   Somaliland government strongly urges the general public to uphold the peace and security and should cooperate with together with the government on security and stability in their country. Also, the government informs the public to comply with new regulations and to fully engage with the institutions involved in upholding security.


6)       It is prohibited for any foreigner to work in the country without proper permission from the authorities of the Republic Somaliland. Anyone not born in this country, is required to obtain a work permit letter. Starting from 01.01.2016, all foreigners working in the country (in any form) must within 30 days to get a work permit letter “Work Permit”. After the period, the relevant security institutions have a duty to stop the career, if no permit is the deadliest.


7)     The Ministry of Interior (Immigration Branch) and other relevant agencies will continuously tasked with the monitoring, implementation and execution of the above regulations that related to the security of the country.

8)       Due to the security situation in the Horn of Africa region, on the other hand, giving priority to the life and welfare of the citizens of the Republic, the Government of the Republic clearly warns the country through immigration. Police and other security agencies are required to take appropriate action.


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