Somaliland:Three point meeting on Voter’s Registration Process


three pointBy Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo flanked by H.E Vice President Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail Saylic and the speaker of the national assembly on the 29/12/2015 meet with members of the cabinet , national electoral commission and representatives of the three official political organizations.

The Purpose of the meeting was to reach national consensus on the voters registration process , which is vital before holding the next Presidential and Parliamentary elections which is due in the country in March , 2017.

During the meeting ,President Silanyo reminded the three sides , the importance of the national voters registration process in holding a free and fair elections.On the other hand , President Silanyo told those attending the meeting that the holding of elections is national responsibility and collective responsibility on everyone , therefore the reason he summoned representative of the three sides so as to discuss and come up with suitable solutions on issues pertain the national voters cards registration process and upcoming elections.

Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi , Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs , Hon Mohamed Ali Waran Cade , Minister of Interior and Hon Saleban Essa Haglatosiye, Minister of Health and Labor speaking on behalf of the government, strongly stated that the importance of the voter registration process and the holding of the upcoming elections are a duty and responsibility – all on a collective National. Ministers underline the need for concerted national that seriously into consideration the issue of voter registration, whether the safety, whether the mobilization and awareness, and whether the management and self-organized. Meanwhile, the national government and the parties must have the same outlook on establishing strong government presence and also the need for a re-absorption Decentralized management, presence of national agencies in the eastern regions and the delivery of essential services for the citizens in those areas.

The six commissioners of the national electoral commission present during the meeting reiterated to the President , cabient ministers and representatives of the three official political parties on their commitment to initiate a formally start the voter registration will commence in the the country in mid-to-1 in 2016 in Togdheer region. Therefore, the voters registration a national one and not as a matter of choice for the three parties cannot manage alone, it is necessary that the government, opposition and the National Electoral Commission to work together in order to carve out and come up with a national solution .


The government, opposition and the National Electoral Commission agreed on the importance and priority to the voter registration and elections in our country have. The three parties have agreed to the overall joint working NEC including fulfilling the national duties Constitution. The meeting concluded he understanding with all sides that the best and most efficient way to start the registration of voters across the country.


Finally, President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo advised that the best way to start the registration of voters, as elections take place in a boat that in early 2017. As President, He urged everyone to best fulfill their constitutional responsibilities in ensuring the registration of voters and the next election.



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