Always engage conciliatory gears whenever situations warrant


sool eldersWhat has happened in Ainabo is not only wonderful for our trademark pacification tradition that reconciles both quagmire issues and people, it is indeed yet another milestone that gets its laurels tagged onto our lapels.

As we give kudos to the elders accompanying Raage Garaad, so too do we hail the state for always walking the extra mile and toeing down this lane of honour for the sake of the people and their nation.

The essence of belonging is paramount to any patriotic citizen as far as any nationhood anywhere the concerned. It is the launch-pad to all appertaining to nationalism

It is of course true that this brand of crises management as far as peace building and governance is concerned in SL’s traditional home-grown style has made us a household name globally.

It is similarly true that many renowned institutions of higher learning, international think-tanks and also international agencies have adopted the core structure of our systems hence plucked them to derive modes tailored to specially suit other precarious situations elsewhere on earth.

Basically we have excelled in it simply because of the sincerity in wanting to disagree in order to agree purposely for good causes. With this foundation being a core in the hearts of Somalilanders we have surpassed many a dream.

On the contrary the system definitely perishes if insincerity sets in and minds are set to agree to disagree! This is the hub that life foes or enemies wheel all round.

Coming back to the issue we nudge the state to continue address matters whenever they are stirred hence should never get tired. The conciliatory legacy should always be put into gear whenever a warranting situation demands.

This legacy is ours and it is for us to perpetuate it.

As we believe that the issues resolved would be adhered to, we take it as a New Year resolution gift for Somaliland.

It comes hot over heels on what Dr Shire’s declaration states. This only would help in cementing the situation to further solidify the peaceful stability and security to newer and greater heights.

Development will thus set in swiftly in a domino effect and the skies would then be the limits for Somaliland.

It is true that unity, peace, stability, solidarity, togetherness and concerted efforts drive to this end -(and the positive realization, maintenance and safe-guarding of the same); is basically the foundation of national integrity and prosperity.

We support the President and SL leaders who always exert much efforts towards this positive trends.

It is incumbent upon the media to blend in and help build the nation.

Such incumbency is naturally a burden upon all Somalilanders to bear hence help foster brethren ship and bolster integral basics obligation of patriotism.


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