Horn Youth Development Association (HYDA) launches Early Child Development Programs


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Horn Youth Development Association (HYDA) a non-profit, non-political, community organization launched the ultimate goal of Early Child Development (ECD) programs is to improve young children’s capacity to develop and learn at a well-attended ceremony held today at Mansoor Hotel.

Mr. Khalid Aden Haji Abdi , the executive director of HYDA gave an in-depth on the NGOS work, “Our organization works on community development with a specific target on the youth , women and children  with aims to empower, and provide opportunities for the youth to develop their own initiatives as well as take part in the community development.02844cfd-aeb9-497e-b9f0-142abc4b0bdd HDYA 77 hyda 6 HYDA 7 HYDA 80

Mr. Khalid Aden Haji Abdi , the executive director of HYDA speaking during the launching ceremony said, “The project will include the establishment of teachers training department whereby teacher will be trained, as well as the curriculum in which they will use in their work in addition to a proposed Grade 14 School which will be constructed, the teachers will be chosen from 7 School in Hargeisa. The aim of the project is to make public schools a place suitable for early child growth”.

Mr. Khalid continued by stating “We (HYDA) and the Ministry of Education shall within the duration of one year present our proposals to our partner organization Pharo Foundation in order to convince them of the overall importance and benefits to the country, in fact this will enable children staying at home to attend school , ECD interventions include educating and supporting low income parents, delivering services to children, developing capacities of caregivers by using mass communications to enhance parents and caregiver’s knowledge and practices.

Lastly, Mr. Khalid Abdi Aden on behalf of HYDA thanked the Ministry of Education and PHARO FOUNDATION for their support.

Ms. Asha , PHARO FOUNDATION country representative speaking during the occasion said, “ First and foremost I , would like to thank HYDA for their efforts in initiating the idea of Early Child Development (ECD) programs which is something we need nowadays, we ‘re all aware everything is built from the foundation so the ultimate goal of Early Child Development (ECD) programs is to improve young children’s capacity to develop and learn and hence the need to develop the early stages of a child, so every parent should be informed on this fact.

Hon Yusuf Abdi Garas, the Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Learning speaking during the function said, “It’s important to develop young children’s capacity to develop and learn and this can be only done through introducing children to early education.

HYDA actively involved in the field of education and implemented several project with the collaboration of UN agencies and International Organizations. HYDA has been supporting non-formal education through the provision of teachers and teaching materials to some of the NFE School. The organization has the ambition to advocate for and support the accessibility of education to the most vulnerable groups of the society. HYDA education program targets orphanage children, IDPs and Returnees. HYDA actively participation education survey with the collaboration of Ministry of Education and UNICEF. HYDA conducted go to school campaigns to increase the enrollment rate of young girls through both formal and non formal education sectors in partnership with UNICEF.


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