President expected to leave for Addis today


Hargeiasa (THT)-The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo is expected to jet out of the country today for an official visit to Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Reliable information that reached us as we were going to press

indicated that the Head of State is to visit our neighbouring country following an official invitation. The reports however did not furnish us with further details like how long the visit would be.The president had just returned from a hectic weeklong tour from the gulf country of the UAE. Presidency Minister Briefs on UAE Visit
By: Yusuf M Hasan The people and government of the United Arab Emirates have reaffirmed their commitment towards diplomatic and development coop
Citizens welcome home their head of state president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo after UAE working visit Meanwhile the President inaugurated over the week a new bore-hole water resource at Waddo-makahil and at the same time handed over an ambulance to the local hospital. The Head of State was in a working tour around the Faro-weyne district, a place he is visiting for the second time in a spate of a semester. “The state is doing all in its efforts to make sure that public services reach the populace”, the president told the area residents. The president who was accompanied by several government officials, made it clear that “it was incumbent upon the government to see to it that social services and other associated basic public needs were facilitated”. At the inauguration of the water borehole source, the minister of water services Hon. Bashe Ali Jama un
Editorial derscored the importance of water as a major source of livelihood. “We are blessed by the presence of the Head of State to grace this occasion”, he said. And added, “Water is a main source of life hence it is not only important to pool it but rather harnessing it is more worthwhile”. The President listened to various calls from the resident in assorted pleas that high-lighted their plights. He assured them that whatever possible that the state would do shall be addressed. The deputy minister of interior in charge of public administration Hon. Ahmed Farah Adarre had voluble words of profound thanks for the Head of State.
On the other hand, Hargeisa Mayor Cllr. Abdirahman Aidid Soltelco revealed that a fund meant for the construction of a police station in Faraweine has already been ear
marked in this year’s city hall’s budget. He said that the amounts to cater for the said purpose would be disbursed immediately for the project.


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