Presidency Minister Briefs on UAE Visi


The people and government of the United Arab Emirates have reaffirmed their commitment towards diplomatic and development cooperation with Somaliland. This was stated by the minister of presidency Hirsi Haji Ali in a briefing posted on his Facebook page in which he said the UAE made the commitment during meetings of the just concluded working visit to the Gulf country by a government delegation led by President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo. The presidency briefing in Somali language read Quote- Thanks to the grace of Allah, the Somaliland delegation to the Emirates led by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has returned to the country safely The objectives of the working visit that took several days pertained to discussions of past and on-going development projects funded by UAE as well as submission of new funding request by our government, all of which occurred successfully. Among the major livelihood projects on discussion included water,
health, energy and the UAE subsidy to central government’s budget set aside for refugees escaping the war in Yemen now among others. In lieu of the collaborative nature brought about by the current globalized status of nations the relationship existing with the UAE is pursuant to the strategizes put in place by the government geared towards acquiring support in various sectors from friendly countries and governments more so in relation to ensuring sustainable security and external economic cooperation. To this effect, the UAE authorities have during the just conclude state
visit to their country indicated their commitment to continued cooperation as well as determination towards supporting development programs that impact positively on the livelihoods of citizens whose country’s maintain apt governance procedures. –Unquote The presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali was part of the government team visiting the UAE led by president Silanyo and including first lady Ms Amina Mohamed Jirdeh “Amina Weris”, Minister Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis, Interior Minister Ali Mohamed Waran’áde and information minister Abdilahi Ukuse among others.


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