Guurti will endorse agreement reached by political parties on election timeline-KULMIYE


By Goth Mohamed Goth May-28-2015-The chairman of the ruling party KULMIYE Hon Muse Bihi Abdi in a press statement released from his office said, “The three political parties and the current government decision to announce a new date for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary election a fortnight ago was in accordance with the rules and laws ofthe land and that the three political parties had present their case before the house of elders (Guurti) and he hoped that they shall endorse the political parties agreement  in the coming days. The Press Statement read as follows: Of lately, we have seen misleading reports carried by a section of the media meant to undermine and debase the recent agreement on the new upcoming elections reached by the government and the official three political organizations. As it’s clearly stated in the recent agreement reached by the government and the official three political organizations, we the concerned parties, in all due respect acknowledge the decision previously taken by the house of elders to extend the current term of office for the current government and the current parliament by 21 months to be legal and in accordance with the constitution. Therefore as you’re all aware of some of, when the house of elders announced their decision to extend the mandate of the current government, some of the political parties were dissatisfied and they even protested in the loudest manner. The two opposition parties even went as far by accusing the current government, the Head of State and KULMIYE of plotting for an extension of the election timeline. After the opposition political parties expressed the discontentment with Guurti’s decision, President Silanyo decided to extend the olive branch to the opposition as conciliatory gesture these by appointing the Vice President as a meditator who would listen to their grievances andthrough understanding find a solution to the matter. Although the head of state has no powers to extend the current government mandate, the President has the powers bestowed to him by the constitution to intervene in political matters for the sake of national salvation. Having stated the above, the ruling party “KULMIYE” and the two opposition political parties on the May 25, 2015 began conciliatory talks to find a solution to the current political impasse. During the meeting the opposition political parties expressed their dissatisfaction with the new 21 electoral timeline set by Guurti and at the same time they (opposition) suggested that the upcoming elections can be held within a shorter time frame. We (KULMIYE)for one , during the talks tried to reason with our brothers ,that there was nothing wrong with the electoral time line set by Guurti’s considering the time left for preparations. Finally after long and heated deliberations that ensued, all parties came to a settlement to hold the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in mid-December 2016. But again one is left to ponder is the settlement reached by the three political parties and the current legal and in accordance with the law? Therefore, we decided to seek and consulted legal experts, we came to the conclusion and after considering since the Guurti’s decision to extend the electoral timeline by 21 months was legal and bidding and since no political party was challenging neither contesting theGuurti’s decision then the constitution allows the holding of elections within half that period. Therefore, the ruling party (KULMIYE) after reaching and signing the agreement, we the requested  the two opposition political parties for their full cooperation for the next two days in order to jointly in a legally present and state our decision before the Guurti but unfortunately WADDANI had the misperception that we were stalling the process hence the premature announcement. Once the premature announcement of the agreement made it was misinterpreted by some as being a purge against the Guurti decision, but this wasn’t the case at all because during the whole process we were in consultation with the Guurti regarding how we would solve the matter and also by seeking their guidance on the appropriate way to proceed. Last night, we the heads of the three official political organizations presented and stated our case before the house of elders in accordance with norms; we hope you shall accept our request by blessing and the endorsement of the agreement. I would like once again to use this opportunity to apologize for not informing you (Guurti) before the announcement of the agreement was made.  Lastly, I am glad to state that the three officials political have overcome their difference in a civilized and decent manner and we hope the house of elders shall endorse our agreement hence rendering the agreement as legal and binding. Chairman of Unity and Development Mr. Muse BihiAbdi


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