VP launches major fishery firm at Lughaya


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Vice President H.E. Ahdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Seili’I has coaxed the Lughaya residents to boost their entrepreneurship hence sustain and maintain the prosperity of the coastal port by indulging more in business.

At the same time the VP has urged the area residents to work in solidarity, unity and harmony such that they may be blessed on all fronts in pursuit of good livelihoods.

H.E. the VP made the sentiments at the end of the week at Lugahaya as he inaugurated the launching of a private company that has invested heavily in the fisheries industry, the Lughaya Sea Foods.

Saying that the moderate to full use of the harbor for both exportation and importation services has been resuscitated, the VP in moment of nostalgia revisited the times when they used the portal services maximally.

“If I may remind everyone, it is twenty five years to date since we last saw large ships docking here when livestock and marine resources were exported and goods were imported from abroad”, hence exited and entered through the Lughaya port.

H.E. Seili’i said that he was elated by the fact that his journey coincided with the launching of the sea foods venture that has just been established by youthful members of Somaliland in the Diaspora who hail from the area.

He hailed the unity and intermingling cherished by the communities of Lughaya hence urged them to cement and fortify their solidarity.

The VP said that the new company would go down well as to reduce joblessness by putting into employment many young citizens.

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine resources Hon. Ali Jama Farah who was in the VP’s company told the large gathering at the function that the Lughaya Sea Food firm was a jot in the arm for the country’s fishing industry hence pledged the ministries support in its endeavours.

Other speakers included the directors of the planning, Minerals and fishing ministries.

On the local front the town’s youthful mayor Cllr. Abdillahi Ali Noor and the head of the company Mr. Hassan Yusuf Wadaad paid their tributes.

The VP who was on a tour to the northern coastal regions had in his entourage the Salal governor Abdirissak Roble Waberi, members of the parliament the Honourables Abdi Muhummed Jama, Mahdi Abdillahi Muhummed and Presidential liaisons person to the Eastern regions of the country Mr. Sahal Mohammed Jama.


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