Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas hands over to New Head of SLNTV


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa (THT) The former Managing Director of Somaliland National Television who is now the current Presidential advisor on media affairs Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas handed over his duties to the SLNTV new MD Mr. Abdi Ali Mahdi.

Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas said, “SLNTV had gone many reforms since I came on board for example the national television can be viewed by a wide audience worldwide and also by means of creating effective publicity and dissemination which separates the institution from the rest.

“As you’re aware of SLNTV already provides a diverse programs to both local and international audience with SLNTV incorporated the Arabic language into our service which currently has Somali and English language programs and now the new Arabic section, which broadcast regular news bulletins and programs in Arabic”, he said.

Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas, the Managing Director of Somaliland National Television speaking during the function said, “The Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance has in the past few years opened regional broadcasting centers in all regions of the country the first been in Burao and now in Borame and with this studio with the aim of reaching audience in all of Awdal region, we expect its programs will more entertaining and sufficiently independent to attract a wide audience both locally and internationally.

“The new SLNTV media center will enable SLNTV to attain a cutting edge advantage over its rivals, allowing us to broadcast simultaneously in several languages and enhance our presence on additional platforms which will hosts group of political, cultural and media personalities “,Mr. Gaas said.

The outgoing Managing director of SLNTV added, “Apart from that SLNTV has correspondents in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

“My mission during my days as the director of SLNTV to create a bridge between the people of Somaliland and the world through an interactive broadcast media that provides timely, educational, information and entertaining programs and most importantly one which utilizes a state of the art media technology such as modern computers, video cameras, video mixers each costing $12, 000 and other assortment of equipment’s”, Stated the Director of SLNTV’, he said.

The Minister of Information and National Guidance Hon AbdullahiDahirCukuse speaking during the ceremony said, “The former Managing director of SLNTV will be remembered for his accomplishments which can be seen through the extensive communication services and exclusive programs which not only promote the success of the institution but also the nation as a whole.





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