First Lady at ‘SGT’ Awards


By M.A. Egge Hargeisa (THT) THE First Lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed Jirde  said that she was one of foremost fans of the live “Somaliland Got Talent” Television programs that has just  come to its first seasonal close. The First Lady revealed her enthusiasm for the local talent at a ceremony that saw the awarding of the best five top winners as first season series closed its curtains. She at the same time hailed the information department for their production and airing of the talent show which brought local mega stars to judge the competitors. The First Lady appealed to the officials to reschedule the time that the show is aired. “I am a great fan of the program”, she said, and added, “I had to stay late into the night to view the programs”. She then appealed, “I hope the timing will be re-scheduled when the next season resumes”. Lady Amina-weris advised the producers of the programs to put in their itineraries a wide range of talents such that the raw ones may be able to be positively exploited. She said that it was a great chance for those with these talents to come to the limelight.


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