We have services of great professionals for programmes development, says U’kuse


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Minister of Information, National Guidance and Heritage Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse has announced that the department of information has lined up great professionals with vast experiences and engaged their services to boost the production, developement and perfection of the publicly appealing programmes to international standards.

The minister revealed the fact at a ceremony to honour five top awardees of the “Somaliland Got Talent” Television program aired by the SLNTV.

The function was graced by the presence of the First Lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed Jirde (see story elsewhere in this issue).

Hon. U’kuse said “It is incumbent upon us at the ministry to disseminate such programs through the radio and Television”. He said that besides a lot efforts on developing programs having been made, “there is still a lot which remains to be done in this direction”.

He termed such program e.g. the ‘SGT’ as those which have much public appeal, especially amongst the youth bracket.

“We have now pooled great professionals with great talents to help in developing the programs such as Yonis Ali Noor, Hassan Ali Waji, Said Aden Egge, Abdillahi Wayab and Fadhfadhle”, said Hon. U’kuse.

Earlier in the day a handful of Imam’s notably Sheikh Mohammed of Ali Matan Mosque decried the airing of the “SGT’ show, according to reports.

Without giving evidence or being elaborate, they termed it as “un-Islamic”.

Members of the public were mostly taken aback by their claims. A Mr. Abdillahi of a locally based international NGO wads heard exclaiming, “What on earth do they mean or are they in reality saying!?”, while wondering aloud not really expecting an answer.


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