SL nationhood surpasses all petty issues


When it comes to nationhood nothing, repeat- completely nothing, comes thereabout in qualms.

In other words Somaliland, her essence, her viability, her aspirations or whatever short or long term issues that pertain to her integrity, has got to (and must) withstand any and/or all other petty politicking.

It is incumbent upon all Somalilanders to be patriotic and should advance the aspects that are needed thereof.

It is this respect that we remind everyone, whether young or old, regardless of gender, whether in the government or in the opposition, whether public or private officials, whether contemporary or traditional representatives, whether educated or not etc to be Somalilanders in their thoughts, words and deeds.

Those charged with public responsibilities should lead the line and others should tow the same path humbly such that SL may be more dignified.

Leaders of all sorts, from minister to MPs (both) and to councilors, from teachers to parents, from Sultans to Aqils, from executives to any levels staffers should follow the cue and be Somalilanders first.

All underlying personal, individualistic, partisan, tribal, political, and religiously sectoral or any other associated whims should take a back seat.

In this spirit do we remind our ambassadors to pull up their socks and raise our flags even more higher.

We know that due to technicalities, the forthcoming general elections will have to be re-scheduled.

While we are sure that governmental machineries (executive and legislature) will do their part in smoothening administrative procedural bottle-necks, we expect the unity and solidarity of Somalilanders, both as a people and a nation, to become even stronger.

We should not allow egotists politicians to play unwarranted games with the people’s emotions.

If anything, we ask everyone from all political divides to join hands for the good of the people and the country.

For starters, we may remind them all that it is only the month of April that is between us and a time of/to remind both ourselves and the world that SL is here and here to stay.

In other words the 18th May Celebrations is around the corner. Somalilanders should portray solidarity and unity not only on this noble occasion, but at all times.

We take this opportunity to thank the SL Diaspora in the UK and Hon. Hamud hence hail them for their efforts.

All Somalilanders should not only emulate their efforts, but surely, do what they have done at all times everywhere they are; whenever and wherever opportunities occur.

Petty issues and flimsy reasons that render brethren asunder should be warded off completely.

Letus all rise above the waters and stand to be counted; that’s how we will more than endear ourselves to all our partners.







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