KULMIYE scoffs at Foore’s baseless report


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The ruling Kulmiye party has shot down and scoffed at the malicious reports on its policies peddled by a local Somaliland newspaper that is published in the local vernacular, Foore, terming it as baseless lies.

In a press statement circulated to the media, the party’s director at the party’s headquarter’s office in charge of media relations Mr. Mustaffe Eid Mohmmed decried the report published by Foore that alleged that the party and the administration towed different policy lines.

The statement said, “We inform the members of the public that the President and the chairman of Kulmiye are in solidarity as concerns the government’s and party’s policies on and of both short and long terms”.

It said that it categorically denies the reports which are groundless and baseless lies.

He reiterated the fact that in the society the media was an important national arm which ought to be responsible in its undertakings.

He cautioned that when such responsibilities are trampled upon, the results could be one of chaotic despondency.

He however appealed to the larger media fraternity to uphold etiquette and refrain from any acts to the contrary.

The Foore issue in question is the issue published on Saturday the 21st of March 2015, the same date the press statement was released.





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