State warns TELESOM sternly on defying directives on health adverts


Reiterates its strong caution to institutions rendering publicity oriented services

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The ministry of Health has sent a stern warning to the telecommunications giant, Telesom, against advertising or publicizing issues pertaining to health related or dispensing matters without the department’s authority.

The ministry, by extension, reiterated its strong caution to institutions rendering publicity oriented services, against the same.

According to a letter addressed to Telesom that was also circulated to the press, the Director General of the Health ministry Dr. Osman Hussein Warsame charged the telecommunications institution of undermining a ministerial decree of Ref- 3811/1/2015 dated the 4th of February 2015 and implemented (came into action) on the 9th of February 2015, Telesom continued publishing/ publicizing advertisements and messages that concerned the health industry service rendering.

He said that they had given the directives in par with the ministry’s policies and guidelines of putting in check the dispensations of substandard health related services to the detriment of public and environmental health.

The DG thus noted hence pointed out to Telesom that they flouted the directive that barred telecommunication institutions, the media fraternity and publishing/printing press to advertise or deliver health oriented industry messages to the members of the public.

Excerpts of instances repeatedly of Telesom flouting the direction

Date Messages
10th Feb 2015(12.33pm) To residents of Sool region and its environs-that Dr. Abdiaziz who specializes in nervous disorders will be at Las-anod Medical Center on the 12th of February 2015-etc.
11th February 2015 (6:12pm) The Russian Dr. Nuureyn – an orthopedics surgeon- will come to Manhal Hospital Burao on the 16th of February 2015 on Monday etc.
12th February (5:46pm) Nairobi Pharmacy Burao have added psychiatric department and their physicians, wards etc.
15th February (9:50pm) Dr. Mohammed Osman from Ethiopia will start work on Wednesday the 18th of February 2015 at Bilal pharmacy Burao- he is a specialist of —etc
24th February 2015 (7:32pm) The Residents of Buhodle and its environs are informed that Dr. Abdisamed Dahir (dentist), Dr. Qudus (technologist) and Dr. Mustaffa M. Hori (Paedeatrician) will be there for you at Buhodle Health Center etc.


The accusations charges that Telesom have not only done so once, twice, or thrice, but in some instances e.g. on the 15th of February 2015, up to four instances.

The letter was copied to the Somaliland Journalists Associated, the Ministers of Posts/ Telecommunications, Information and Health and also to the attorney general.




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