Burao-Erigavo road construction goes into high gears


To those whom the Erigavo road was a dream yesterday, today it is a reality, says Hirsi


By:  M.A. Egge

The construction on the first phase of the Burao-Erigavo road has received a shot in the arm and the works’ site is presently a bee-hive of activity going into high gears.

While handing over almost half-a-gross of containers carrying thousands of barrels of bitumen at the Ina-afmadow construction site, the Presidency minister Hon. Hersi Ali Hassan reminded Somalilanders of the goodness and the need of joining hands for a common purpose to prosper.

“The first 100km phase is well on course and the 61 containers here carry 10,891 barrels of bitumen”, the minister revealed. Saying that it is part of the 129 containers of the 25,000 barrels of tar to arrive that’s earmarked for the tarmacking of the road.

“This is the implementation of what the administration has projected and pledged to do”, said the minister.

While telling-off distracters he said that doomsayers who were pessimistic were put to ridicule with the going on works.

He said, “Those who were yesterday pessimistic about this road’s construction or those of the general development of the country or dismayed by the national triumph of the people and the state, the case here is verifiable”, and speaks for itself.

Noting that the forward step taken to implement the project was a positive result of working together, Hon. Hersi said, “If to some the Erigavo road was a dream yesterday, today it is a reality”.

Saying that such a tangible cause was worth all the co-operation needed for it to be palpable, he appealed to Somalilanders to step-up their steadfastness in achieving their objectives.

Almost six dozen trucks ferried the thousands of bitumen to the site.

The first phase of the road from Ina-Afmadobe consists of 100kms whereby sections, over 10kms, have already been tarmacked and the rest has either been already prepared or gravelling works are on.

In a parable of ‘hands-off’ to scoff pessimists, the minister intoned that a pocketing man couldn’t climb a ladder.

The minister expressed high hopes that the project would be completed in due course.


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