WADDANI: A Political Party Turned into a Playground for Under-achieved Politicians!!


By:Eng.Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr)

Leadership Requires a Resolute and Responsible Politician equipped with A SENSE OF NATIONHOOD and PATRIOTISM who is driven by an unconditional love for his country and people. Leadership requires alliances, grassroots support, principal based vision and a context driven policy agenda.

The speaker of Somaliland’s House of Representatives, also the chairman of WADDANI Party and the would-be-presidential candidate has only succeeded to make us understand that he has no respect for the rule of law but would, instead, welcome citizens taking the law into their hands in order to cause chaos and civil disobedience and to retaliate themselves of wrongs perceived in unconstitutional means including violence. The chairman of the main opposition party (WADDANI), who wishes to be President of this nation one day, intentionally tramples on the constitutional rights of citizens to be covered by unpatriotic and biased media outlets.

The chairman of WADDANI Party naively sacrifices his credibility and the support base he should have built among the mainstream of Somaliland population as well as the trust and respect of constituents for few camera flashes that momentarily satisfy his obsessive desires for public attention. The speaker of House of Representatives, not only made Somaliland’s legislative body insignificant, but he also deserted his full time constitutional responsibilities—managing effectively the legislature. Instead, he is very busy organizing and shaping his own political party and spent most of the time travelling overseas and fundraising activities.

A presidential candidate who only recently joined the political contenders of Somaliland proves he is so out of the political reality and facts on the ground. He mistakenly believes that by aligning himself to certain tabloids and their owners, their clan-laced editorials will for him carry the day and raise him to the highest office in the country. The leadership of WADDANI is unnecessarily and unconsciously self-defeating because he believes that the victories of President Silaanyo’s government are coming at the expense of his party’s political credibility.

When the leadership of WADDANI fears the success and social progress achieved by the current government, is just like fighting with an invisible rival. By WADDANI party facts are distorted and rumours are adopted for the truth. The leader of WADDANI as well as other party officials make publicly unsubstantiated statements and entirely confected stories designed to stir up non-existent public hysteria and social instability. They take every opportunity to be aggressive by trying to cause reputational damage to the integrity of the President, his family members as well as the government he leads.

We have seen or heard a number of ousted former government officials deserting from ruling Kulmiye Party to the main opposition party (WADDANI). However, these gentlemen are absolutely entitled to decide their political future, but their move and motives to join WADDANI were neither based on party principles nor believing in democratic values. On the contrary, their personal interest comes as first, and in reality this was the only driving force that set them into motion!! The former members of KULMIYE Party and ousted government officials has been given all the space, resources and opportunities to prove themselves but again and again they have come short throughout in all measures. The same former government officials who previously failed on all accounts are now venting their shortcoming and frustration on decent, knowledgeable and social valuable politicians that succeeded where they have failed.

When the party mechanism is optimally functioning, it is obvious that there will be no need to recruit short sighted and under-achieved politicians who, soon or later, will cause more problems than bringing benefits for the party. When the party leader gleams with self-confidence and a belief in his own ability, when the party leader is conscious of the way in which he should take advantage of the political opportunities presented by the circumstances, there is no need to pursue a sort of political begging strategy in order to attract politically and practically failed politicians. When we are witnessing that Somaliland’s main opposition party has turned into a playground for under-achieved politicians, when WADDANI depicts a Political Party with endless gaffes, fails and flops, the voters does simply not know where the lies END and the truth BEGINS!!

WADDANI party is beating the magical drums of political change without presenting detailed step-by-step policy changes they intend to implement if the possibility of governing arises. However, if you look very closely at the policy programs and electoral content of WADDANI party, you will soon discover a misleading, unrealistic and virtually empty party programme. Unfortunately, the main opposition party has collectively failed to come up with significant policy initiatives and social-change alternatives to convince Somaliland voters that the WADDANI party is in reality on the right track to replace the ruling party and its government.

The main opposition party might present their electoral programs as “watertight” policy vision but, once the election comes in action, it will leak like a sieve!! In 4½ years time, on all fronts, KULMIYE’s administration has realized incredible results which are beneficial for all Somaliland citizens without exception. In different parts in our country, there are positive developments visible. In the upcoming presidential elections, KULMIYE will outmanoeuvre WADDANI party at every turn and the vast majority of Somaliland voters will surely vote for KULMIYE party.

God bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble People.

BY: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) |Hargeysa, Jam. Somaliland|



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