UFO Celebrated colourfully countrywide


By: M. A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Somaliland Youth UFO Day was celebrated yesterday highly across the country with the epitome being in Hargeisa where the festivities were quite colourful.

A major streets marching guaride was mounted by integrated armed security servicemen of all forces.

The Director of the Youth Fund Development Mr. Abdiaziz Hersi Warsame paid tribute all the members of the youth wherever they were.

The day is a commemoration in remembrance of the youth uprising who perished in Hargeisa 33 years ago during a crock down by dictator Barre during his regime.

He announced the fact that the bitter tug-of-war in power jostling triggered by the factional rifts during SONYO elections was now a forgone conclusion and that the factions have been reconciled.

The chairman of Sonyo Mr. Siad Omar Ali also paid tribute to the youth.

The festivities were held at 11 years major towns all across the country.



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