KULMIYE Position on the upcoming National Elections


 The Unity and Development party (KULMIYE) Position on the upcoming National Elections

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa (THT) Hon Muse Abdi Bihi, the Chairman of the Unity and Development party (KULMIYE)  while addressing the council of minister said , “I am happy to be here among peers and fellow party members to declare the position of the ruling party regarding the upcoming national electoral process in which he began by saying:-

Democracy has a special approach to each country and its people, because through democracy they can be distinct through such status such as there socio -economic, religious, historical and social integration of the various communities which the nation can be defined.

For the good of the people and nation, KULMIYE as one of the official national political organization is determined to uphold and safeguard the principles and pillars of democracy.

The two principles are as follows:-

  • To support the holding of a free and fair Presidential and parliamentary elections in the country.
  • The party also calls for the upcoming Presidential and parliamentary elections to be held in due time.

Therefore the party and the government especially the President should make sure all the necessary arrangements and measures are in place before the upcoming Presidential and parliamentary elections are held.

The three measures are as follows:-

  • The adaptation and approval of the necessary legislation’s to be in place before the holding of the upcoming national elections.
  • The appointment of a national elections council
  • The availing of necessary funds needed for the process

The head of state had in the previous year through a letter of commitment date 17.11.2013 to the various donors reaffirm his commitment and willing to oversee all the necessary preparations for the holding the upcoming elections are place.

I would like to assure all that the current head of state had in deed send the letter of commitment in time although there was some delay which can be attributed to the office of the speaker of the national assembly

The Unity and Development party (KULMIYE)agrees that:-

The National Electoral commission (NEC)is the sole body responsible for setting the date for the upcoming national elections.

1.The Unity and Development party (KULMIYE) is ready and prepared to participate in the upcoming national elections when NEC sets the date.

2. In the case of any delay in holding the electoral process in due time the three national parties will be obliged to do two things according to the rules and laws of the land.

3. Inquire and demand to know the reasons or the cause of the delay

4. To state their grievances through the courts.

Therefore in case such a delay for holding the upcoming national elections is unavoidable then the present government shall conduct its official business as usual.

The Unity and Development party (KULMIYE) does not rule out any conflicts of interests or any other differences which arise due to such developments which is common any multiparty system but that doesn’t mean we are not capable of solve any outstanding issues through democratic ways and also through joint consultations so as to safeguard our common and national interests which we all cherish.



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