State has prioritized security services, ascertains the President


Today the military budget alone hits 57 m USD whereas the whole national annual budget for 2010 was 47 m USD only

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The President of the Republic H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud noted that the military budget alone was 10 million dollars more than the total national budget that was there when he assumed the Presidency.

The Head of State gave the facts at the defence forces senior officers’ academy during the commemoration of the military’s 21st anniversary.

While underpinning the fact that the administration has prioritized security matters, he underscored the facts, “Today the military budget alone hits 57 m USD whereas the whole national annual budget for 2010 was 47 m USD only,” he said, and added, “this shows how we have prioritized security matters”.

The President sent his congratulation to Somalilanders within the country and abroad on the auspicious occasion. He particularly lauded the defence forces and security personal as a whole for their steadfastness in the past two decades. He hailed them for their patriotic diligence in dispensing their duties.

“I acknowledge the fact that you work in difficult conditions and under duress and it for thus that patriotism is all about and thence our precise prioritization of security welfare”.

The President likewise coaxed them to step up their steadfastness while assuring them that it was not in vain.

“You should rest assured that your people reckon your efforts and that the administration is there for you perpetually”, he said.

Apart from awarding honours earned to military, police navy and prison officers, the President also inaugurated several facilities at the Dararweine Military Academy. Amongst them were senior officers messes, a community hall and a conference hall of which both have the capacity of hosting 250 plus officers. `10 graduates were honoured.

On arrival the President was ushered in by a marvelously organized guaride mounted by the servicemen.




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