SL aspirations comes first


As we have always maintained still do, and always will, the fact that the integral rights of the people’s aspirations and sovereignty is an issue long ago decided upon and embedded in the country’s statutory books.

Now that we have a ministerial delegation headed for Awdal to iron out the “political crisis” created there, our prayers, wishes and support are with them. We believe it is only a cloud that is passing and the dust would be settled.

It is not that whirlwinds should be created every once in a while to “expect” the calming down and resting of the dusts stirred perpetually.

For starters, the sentiments brought forth by Dr. Aw Dahir befits it kudos from all quarters.

As far as wisdom demands, all leaders should take it upon their eminent selves to sail towards good causes.

It is this column’s belief that if only similar worthwhile efforts are made by both the traditional and contemporary leaders of every field and in every echelon hence supplement by those of the clergy, profound solidarity mobilization of the populace for good causes would have thrived.

We need peace and stability for perpetual nurturing and sowing of progressive development in every sector.

For such prosperity to fledge, unity, solidarity and harmonious setting is indispensible.

Of course we are not the most perfect of the human kind, but surely, we are a force to reckon with in this part and corner of the world when it comes to societal issues.

Should we not jealously guard over hard earned name so painstakingly harnessed? Can we afford to be laughing stocks?! Not now, not ever.

So much of unbecoming political whirlwinds are humming and whizzing and ylping around us.

They are sounds and waves of retrogressive natures, hence if unchecked, can be fatal runaway political hurricanes.

We should let sanity and sobriety set in. What we sayeth herein are but re-iterations of our calls to order, pleas of solidarity, mobilizations to united causes , prays of harmony, wishes of good riddance, hopes of flourishing prosperity -all in the name of our quest for the objectives of our aspirations as a people.

Once more, we call upon all Somalilanders to rise above petty whims for the sake of their nation and posterity. We should raise our heads higher with pride for what we have achieved is indeed enviable.

The government should not put to disrepute for flimsy seasons. If there are any qualms visualized by any critiques, then they should be made virtually in associated befitting constructive manner.



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