Djibouti round of SL-Somalia talks most crucial- Dr. Aw Dahir


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The issue concerning the SL- Somalia talks is one that demands solid supports of all Somalilanders hence give it a common front.

The above sentiments were given by Hon. Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir who happened to be one of the participants in its latest round that was held last week in Djibouti which was graced by the attendance of the Head of State of state himself.

The livestock minister who was part of the delegation underpinned the fact that the talks were very important and crucial given the fact that it was the final stage in the long journey of achieving the country’s recognition.

He said in a statement circulated to the media, “This is the final part in the search for recognition”, and added, that it was the eleventh hour, “in our quest for recognition such that we may be part and parcel of the community of nations permanently”.

He conviction-ally said that he was “quite certain that 2015 would be the year that this aspiration (for recognition) would be realized”.

Hon. Dr. Aw Dahir said that this means (of dialogue) that have been charted by the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed was the best mode of addressing the matter.

“Of all the series of these talks, the one that culminated to the most recent one in Djibouti is the most important”, said Hon. Dr. Aw Dahir, stressing that it is the most apt one in the path of achieving recognition as charted out by the President.

He reminded Somalilanders that this country was an independent one with its own territorial integrity hence have fully established all arms, segments and structures of state institutions.

While reiterating in his statement about his conviction that the coming year would see a new dawn of a fully recognized country,Dr. Aw Dahir underscored the fact that the talks were not mere literal dialogues but that they were summits which highlighted, magnified and raised higher the issue at stake which is the core matter whose essence is the depicting of both countries as being two different entities.

He says the SL-Somalia talks are thus the appropriate platform to reach to the international community for the recognition status.

The minister said that the points articulated there in hence adopted in the Djibouti talks were quite explicit.

He stressed that they could never be conjured otherwise nor could they be distorted; and as such they are guidelines to be adhered to by inherent executing committees.

“It is a fact that it is natural in governance to have differing opinions in all levels of society (assemblies, populace, parties etc) which we have always overcome when an issue warrants solidarity of the nation,” said the minister.

Saying that it was incumbent upon the citizenry to be rendering a front of a block when the sovereignty of the nation is at stake, Dr. Aw Dahir appealed to the populace not to politicize such a precarious issue for partisan or clannish causes.

He assured the members of public that the state prioritized and was steadfast in SL’s aspirations hence is on course the best mode of achieving positive results.

He noted that victory is the virtue of the steadfast especially through perseverance but at the same time pointedly cautioned that it was only when unity and solidarity is prevalent in the struggle.

The minister ended the statement by once again appealing to all levels of the society to rally together, and in one fold, blends their joint support to the aspirations and the cause of the nation and people of Somaliland.



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