A voice from Awdal Says Zamzam Abdi Adan is a beacon of hope for Somaliland education


We ‘‘Somalilanders’’ belong the same region of Somaliland that must unite its perceptions and its ways of conducts. Acting on this point, the ultimate vision of all well established societies is to make different perceptions with different people close together. Really, our different views are not predators to one another, but could be intimate friends that could accept and complement one another. This could happen only if the governmental sectors of Somaliland serve for the society transparent administration.  If this happens, Somaliland can create a common view that empowers the sense of unity of society.

Our deeds are recorded in cumulative way by inerasable pages of the history. Either our conscious mind or unconscious mind would retain the substantial acts of our good-doers. The history will reward any constructive act devoted by the models of the goodness. It could not over-look what the devoted individual in our community embarked. It’s doubtless that both ill­­-wishers and well-wishers are very thankful to Zamzam Abdi Adan.

Not all governmental sectors travel the right way there are numerous sectors that travel a different path. Minister of education had already followed the right way by making her governmental administration through healthy one.  Fortunately, being a member of minister of education inherited to meet a well hearted figure. Good character of her is to manage the international fund for the ministry well. Another admirable of her personality is not only to consider what the person is but also quality of the person regardless of his/her ancestral chain or descendant. As well she has the morale value to encourage and honestly work for her employees of the ministry of education which is mainly to serve on the educational progress of society on the face of the Somaliland.Besides her good morale, she has initiative, creativity and leadership ability that empower the improvement of the ministry of education and higher education. Furthermore, she is a positive role model for her subordinate and community as whole.

It is for sure minister of education has made much progress in education of Awdal region and Somaliland as whole. Zamzam Abdi Adan made a huge change with different sectors of education through their commitment to effective management of the resources and improves the quality of education in regions or districts. She has done remarkable achievements for education. After her nomination as minister of education, it became apparent the Ministry of Education has achieved a myriad of successes that pertain to the development of Education in Somaliland. In Awdal region all intellectuals, educators, Youth and religious leaders thanks to her a lot for their commitment in the building up of the society for her side.

For one thing, the republic of Somaliland has introduced free education at primary and doubled teachers’ salaries these decisions would not become easy to sustain. However, Minister of Education had the capability to perform free primary education which benefited from Somaliland society including our region Awdal. After free primary education commenced educational development has turned into rapidly developing sectors. The free primary education was provided a chance to poor families to send their children to schools and the yearly school enrollment in public schools was increased. Every year thousands of students enrolled primary schools with a positive and strong morale. This tangible development and improvement of the Ministry of Education & Higher Study has achieved due to the proper management systems which have been put in place by Minister Zamzam Abdi Adan, Director General and Ministry of Education officials.

Another point is that, Minister of Education and Higher Education consecutively developed by building up sectors of education whether University, Secondary Schools and Primary Schools in Awdal region. For instance, three Public Secondary Schools in Borama increased four classes each and lab in Sh. Ali jowhar. Within this year, Amoud University was constructed a huge library. Not only constructions but also sustained growth of Secondary and Primary schools had allocated enough educational facilities from ministry of education and International NGOs. The materials offered to the schools may include modern text books, computers, photocopy machines, projectors and so on. As well, she has cooperated closely with Amoud University and Eelo University. The recent appearance of universities completed the developing chain of education. The universities increased the quality and the ambition of both graduate and under graduate students in the foreseeable future. Overall these efforts are from the minister of education for cooperation with her society progressively.

In addition to that,The Somaliland Ministry of Education and Higher Education introduced a major capacity building exercise in 2011-2013.The Ministry of Education & HE provided scholarship to seven secondary teachers employed by the Ministry to attend the Post graduate training programme that delivered the Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU). I am one of the two selected secondary teachers form Awdal. She is not only managed this matter healthily but many others through their commitment to effective management of the resources and improves the quality of education entire Somaliland. She have changed portion of the education and introduced new ideas by training their younger employees in Educational Management and Administration to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Education in Somaliland, and manage their education system and their schools. Throughout she is entirely opened to such parts as are mere adjusts to the education system in country, doing the core and matter of it touched. This inspiring new chapter was brought by the Zamzam Abdi Adan.

Indeed, be in or out of transparent administration, it’s your choice to follow these two diverted routes. Transparency is backbone for every social development and growth. Transparency is very important for the well-being of the communities because it’s the best way to prevent ambiguity. It’s the one that strengthen moving forward for the societies. It’s the only gateway for entering vehicle for development and harmonious life. Well-wisher people regard their decent leaders’ as role model for transparent administration like Zamzam Abdi Adan. All in all, we saw all the performances of education, from the time of her appointment as minister of education and higher education. Zamzam Abdi Adan continued to demonstrate the highest standards of accountability and transparency to her citizens. The minister of education of Somaliland remained a sharp chain-saw that cleared a reliable path for secure education. She became the strongest pillar, which empowered the education sector of Somaliland. Positive way of thinking leads to be towards people’s mirror, it’s the general attitude of good leader like minister of education and higher education.


Mustafe Mohamed Abdi
Borama, Awdal, Somaliland


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