Buhoodle General Hospital to Reopens after two Decades


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The main hospital in Buhhodle district in Togdheer region will be reopened again early next year for the first time after nearly twenty years since it was closed this was revealed by the ministry of health workers in a press conference held in the town on Friday.

Resident of Buhoodle welcomed the new development praising the current government and especially the Minister of Health Dr. Saleban Esse Ahmed aka Xaglo Tosiye for the hard work.

Daryeel Hospital officials speaking during the press conference said “For many years I could not afford to go to the private hospital several kilometers away. Now I can walk a few minutes to thehospital and receive free medical attention. This is the first time that we have a health facility right at our doorstep.

“The services provided by this hospital will benefit the residents of Buhoodle and the surrounding districts this initiative should be a model for future health facilities, ensuring public services are available for citizens, relocated and integrated IDPs,”hospital officials said.

The hospital officials urged citizens to take advantage of the services available at the health clinics and rural hospital but with the many pregnant women as well who remain uninformed of the risks of childbearing. It is expected that with correct information as well as observing prenatal to postnatal care, childbirth survival rates will improve progressively.

The new wing of Daryeel hospital was built in 2008 at the cost $500, 000 thousand Dollars which was provided by the current Minister of Dr. Saleban Esse Ahmed aka XagloTosiye.



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