Don’t let politicians’ unquenchable thirst for power wreck our boat


Somaliland is today a country that stands on its feet and prospering at a fast rate such that friends and foes know quite well that it is here and here to stay.

For the first time in a new year’s message of good will, a seating Head of State has made an appeal making the foundations of the state its priority that has eyes on aspirations whose objective is the essence of statehood and prosperity.

It is on the same breath that was find it resolute to re-awaken and pep up patriotism by cautioning on everyone (within and without) not to cause, stir or blot any features in our socio-economical or socio-political fabrics acts that may wreck our march forwards or stunt our growth.

It is no secret that the political climate has had its fever notch up hence politicians should not be let to cause havoc for the sake of their unquenchable thirst for power.

The people’s emotions should not be manipulated whether at communal or national level.

The fact that the forthcoming general elections are around the corner should not be used to bring forth lies behind the veils of officialdom be they the political assemblies, pulpits of all sorts or from the media cloaks adorned to rock, or at extreme, wreck our boat.

The people are not to be ridiculed nor used in flimsy tag-of-wars that do not concern them.

The media people should stop flimsy libelous claims that they still unabatedly perpetuate with impunity that borders gross criminal acts.

Politicians on the other hand have forgotten their cues and play poker that the populace wants no part of.  The parliamentary speaker, for instance, should come out clean and be more vivid hence give apt explanations that the people may take to. Sweeping statements that are either ambiguous, hideous or passing bucks can not do well for the future of our political life.

MPs who go ‘live’ giving half-cooked explanations or threats will not serve anything too.

If anything, it will only worsen situations. We believe we have ample regulations to address and set issues straight.

The Guurti should live up to its name and the state should stamp down its feet to demand diligence from all quarters. The people are not ready nor do they want to see dis-repute set in on what they have built painstakingly for a whole generation or getting destroyed.

We do not want petty issues catalyze retrogression. In the same breath we do not want to have a situation of retrogressive actions nip us in the bud blunting us.

We support and pray as per the President’s New Year’s message of hope, solidarity, progress, unity, health etc such that we may achieve our aspirations.

Politicians, we warn again, should not be allowed to render us asunder for their own egotist self interests.

This is SL and it is here to stay; all should be warned.



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