President reiterates need for achieving SL aspirations


He appeals for solidarity in New Year’s Eve message

Puts a stop on rumours about his candidature, health


Hargeisa-(THT): In an unprecedented blessed New Year’s Eve message to the populace the Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo appealed to all Somalilanders to rally together and step up their patriotic steadfastness, uphold solidarity and foster unity such that the country may achieve its aspirations.

On the same note, the President sent his message of goodwill on this happy occasion, on the eve of the new lunar year 1st Muharam 1436 which corresponds to the solar calendar 25th Oct 2014, to all Somalilanders wherever they were, both within the country and abroad.

While wishing them the best hence prayed to the Almighty Allah to shower them with peace, health, stability and prosperity, the President reiterated his appeal for the need of patriotism and stepping up solidarity and unity for the sake of the country and the peoples of the land.

According the statement from Presidential spokesman Ahmed Suleiman Duhul, the President specifically beseeched from the populace an extra act of vigilance so that we may achieve our aspiration.

Earlier on in the week the President personally put to naught the lies of flimsy rumours about his seat’s defense, hence once more, re-affirmed his candidature.

“They peddled rumours whose mongering hyped that I wouldn’t defend my seat,” said the President upon his arrival back from London where he opened the one day UK-SL conference on SL investiture.

He further explained, “They perpetually peddled the same lies rumouring also about my health”.

The president then made it clear, “My health has always been sound and I will defend my seat as far as the constitution allowed”, and added, “I will continue working for the people as I always did for I hold in trust their confidence”.

The THT was the first to virulently shoot down the rumours in our issue a fortnight ago.

Whatever the case, so far those who peddled the rumours which cited eminent personalities have not yet explained themselves.

By M.A. Egge


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