Illegal Radio Station Poses no Immediate Threat, Assures Minister of Information


The Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance Hon Abdullah Mohamed Dahir Cukuse yesterday appeared before the parliamentary Social affairs subcommittee to brief them on the workings of the Ministry.

The Information Minister in his briefing to the parliamentary social affairs subcommittee said, “The Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance has had gone many reforms since the current government came to power for example the Somaliland national television can be viewed by a wide audience worldwide and the adaptation of news policies by means of creating effective publicity and dissemination which separates the institution from the rest.

“Our mission is to create a bridge between the people of Somaliland and the world through an interactive broadcast media that provides timely, educational, information and entertaining programs and most importantly one which  utilizes a state of the art media technology”, Hon Cukuse .

The Minister of Information stated it was the duty of the national security apparatus to investigate and inform us about the agenda and mission of the illegal Somalidoon FM Radio station which has of recent weeks stormed the local airwaves but he also assured members of the parliamentary subcommittee that the renegade radio broadcasts does not pose immediate threat to the nation security.

Goth Mohamed Goth


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