Budget Policy Committee discuss 2025 priorities


By M.A. Egge

The 2nd meeting of the National Budget Policy Committee was held over the week at the headquarters of the Ministry of Financial Development in readiness to the one of the next year, 2025.

Several issues under scope that were discussed and analyzed include:-

  1. Partners to be prioritized in the 2025 budget, in line with the priorities of the 3rd National Development Plan,
  2. Increasing government revenue, with priority given to income tax revenue,
  3. To adopt a progressive taxation system,
  4. To make a fixed allocation in the budget for development projects, as previously decided by the Council of Ministers.
  5. That the pension program under the Pension Act be implemented,
  6. To implement the government employee salary payment system, to be facilitated concertedly by both the Ministry and the Public Service Agency.
  7. That all government vehicles be insured, according to the National Insurance Act.

The Somaliland Government Budget Preparation Committee held its first meeting on the preparation of the 2025 Government Budget policy on July 2, 2024 at the Presidency.