Ethiopian Premier reiterates the need for his country getting a coastal marines passage


By M.A. Egge

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed has emphasized the need for his country to have a sea route that plays a significant role in the economic development and the increasing and overwhelming number of Ethiopian populations.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave the sentiments on Thursday as answered queries of the MPs on the nation’s foreign policy after he addressed them.

The Prime Minister underscored the fact that the growth of the Ethiopian economy cannot fledge without ample access to the seas and that in order to achieve it the government is committed to dialogue based on reciprocities on mutual beneficial exchanges.

He said that the sole reason the Ethiopia had to enter an agreement with Somaliland in pursuit of the mutual interests was due to the fact that it was the only country that warmed up to the request. He said that all the neighbouring countries in the region declined the request and Somalia even refused to engage with Ethiopia.

He made it clear that the binding agreement, thereof, that were to be adhered to, was one that would not be detrimental to the other.

In effect, soon after the MoU with Somaliland was signed, Somalia went berserk and hopped all over crying foul, an action that affected seriously the relations of the two countries.

Premier Dr Abiy Ahmed’s statement appears to be a response to that diplomatic crisis between Somalia and Ethiopia that the Turkish government was trying to broker over the week in Ankara.

In fact both foreign ministers who heeded to the Turkish talks did not meet directly hence held separate meetings with the hosts who soon after announced that the talks would resume in early September over the bone in contention.

As far as Somaliland is concerned, the territorial integrity of the nation is solid as concerns its sovereignty and that Somalia has nothing whatsoever to do with it since they are in effect two different entities.