Passionate 18th May speech by Barkhad Kariye in Addis Ababa underscore th D’Day’s essence and meaning to the youth of Somaliland


By M.A. Egge

The Deputy Ambassador of Somaliland to Ethiopia Barkhad Kariye gave a pasionately emotional speech concerning the essence, meaning and depiction of what the 18th Day of May means to the larger majority who comprise of youth and what it stands for to them.

He gave the address in a well parked hall in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa in an event hralding commemoration of the day that the nation of the Republic of Somaliland re-asserted its independence that it first earned from the colonial masters, the then British Empire hence later entered an unfateful union with the Italian Somaliland of Mogadishu without having the legal binding Charter of the Union being signed.

The subsequent perpetration of intimidation, toture and ultimately genocide ensued a prolonged bitter war that saw Somaliland severe the ties and re-establish its essence as a sovereign entity again.

Ambassador Barkhad noted that the young members of Somalilanders view the lost time in the iuntenable illegal union with the south as a dark and painful memmory forever etched in their minds.

He emphasized the fact that he saw the 18th May as a sacred day meant to remember and honour all those who stood for, fought for or died for the struggle of re-establishing Somaliland’s sovereignity that today has seen to it that the youth prosper and continue buiding their nation.

He paid special tribute to the veterans, both fallen and alive, for their bravery in saving the nation and its people through their steadfastness in the bitter struggles.

He profoundly noted not only the moral and material support they put on the struggles, but precisely their blood and sweat.

He thanked profusely the neighbouring Ethiopian government for having fervantly stood by Somaliland through thick and thin from the times of the struggles to date.

The event that was elaborately organized and marked saw the attendance of reps of international entities, Ethiopian and Somaliland government, Somalilanders from the country and abroad and scores of eminent personalites.

Various speeches and concerts dotted the all-night long celebrations, albeit held ten days late.