Motion urging British government to recognize Somaliland to be tabled by 15 Cross-Party UK MPs


By M. A. Egge
15 MPs from the British parties have prepared a substantive motion urging the UK government to seriously engage with Somaliland with the aim of officially recognizing it.
The Somaliland news agency, SOLNA, monitored MP Tim Loughton, who is leading the UK cross-party MPs fronting for Somaliland recognition movement, gave details about the outline of the motion and the importance of the British government in strengthening its relationship with Somaliland.
MP Tim Loughton said that Somaliland is a beacon of peace and democracy in a crisis prone region, “and its nation has concrete aspirations that deserve acknowledging”.
He was categorical that Britain, as the former colonial master of the country ought to take a key lead in the matter, given that the UK, the US and the EU need a stable ally in the volatile region.
He added that there need is even more pressing given that there is a memorandum of understanding that Somaliland has entered into with Ethiopia, in which it leases a military base from the sea, and he noted that the agreement stipulates that Ethiopia officially recognizes Somaliland.
MP Tim Loughton argued that Somaliland is important to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, where there is tension where the Houthis are targeting commercial ships.

He disclosed that the 15 MPs in a forum that is bringing the motion for the recognition of Somaliland, which consists of all British parties, want the UK government to get involved in the issue of Somaliland and give it full recognition.
“Britain and our allies, including the United States, should seriously approach Somaliland and give it full and official recognition,” said Mr. Tim Loughton.
He also stressed that the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia will benefit African countries from many economic benefits.
The MP said that many towns in England are home to many people from Somaliland who are interested in having their country recognized.
MP Tim Loughton was one of the members of the UK Parliament, who recently visited Somaliland.