The Minister of the Ministry of Planning said that the Government is committed to the development of basic things


By M.A. Egge

Minister of Planning Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Toorno has said that the government is committed to the development of basic needs to which it is responsible for such as in the sectors of infrastructure, agricultural and livestock production, fisheries and water development and also in both the health and education departments.

The minister emphasized the fact that the said priorities named are factors that the Government of President Bihi are intent on bolstering.

He said, “The development plan of the government led by President Musa Bihi gives priority to basic needs of the people, such as livestock, fish, water and economic infrastructure, including roads and electricity, just as on health and education sectors”.

To underpin such importance of necessities, he pointed out that for instance if there is no water then basically there is no essence of life and no development altogether.

The minister gave the sentiments during the laying of a foundation stone for a water rig in Sallahley district.

He said, “This is the tenth water source in this area that is being implemented during the government’s existence, and soon another well will be drilled in Waays Odane, a dam will be excavated in Qotandabo, and two others in Labisagale and in Elyo”.