The Ministry of Fisheries launches study of Somaliland fish markets to collate comprehensive data


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Development Hon. Mohamud Warsame Jama, has launched a campaign to promote fish markets in the country in order to find out about their sales and public health impact, hence collate comprehensive data on the sector.

The minister who spoke at the site of the dispersal of the groups involved in this campaign, said that the campaign program will be launched in all regions of the country to ensure the commercial status of fish in the country which will be implemented in Marodijeeh, Sahil, Awdal, Sanaag and Togdeer regions.

Hon. Mohamud said that the campaign efforts will continue for some time, while investigating the general welfare, sales and business activities of the sector to get comprehensive information.

Ahmed Aden Roble and Ismail Mirre Farah, who are respectively the directors of the Fisheries Department and that of the Coastal Development of the Republic of Somaliland, indicated that the regions of the Republic of Somaliland will start the campaign to ensure the appropriate standard for the country’s fish business, with particular attention to the health of commercial fish taken to fish markets in the country’s regions.

The complete statistics and data on the industry is expected to be comprehensively collated.