Religious and Endowment ministry clerics start annual pastoral teachings for government employees


By M.A. Egge

The Ministry of Religion and Endowment has tart their tentative pastoral teachings during the Holy Month of Ramadan for employees of ministries and government agencies.

The clergy usually visit the government employees in their place of work through an arrangement that has been recurrent in recent years during the month when Muslims observe the obligatory fasting tenets.

Teachings on the pertinent Islamic role model of righteousness are imparted upon the believers hence they are reminded on the needs of upholding the values of virtue.

This program is held annually. It is a time that Muslims do not necessarily avoid eating during the day but exercise complete mind and body control for a whole month against all vices and temptations hence practice more merciful acts encompassing life and livelihood.

Time is also taken to do a lot of Quranic recitations and expansion of the religious ken.

The visiting of the employees at their work stations is imperative since it covers for the lack of time they would have otherwise lost since they are busy on their expected public national services duties.