Lowyado-Borama Road Upgrading Phase 1 Project- Statement by Ministry of Finance


The implementation of the construction of the Lawyo-Addo to Borama road project supported by the African Development Bank {AFDB} whose work has gone through different stages is set to start soon.

The construction of this road, which is of great importance to us as a nation and as an individual, will contribute greatly to the economic growth of the country. Phase 1 of the construction of Lawyo-addo-Borama road, which the community has been waiting its implementation, according to the copy of the agreement the relevant parties have officially signed on 03 June 2023, and there are different stakeholders involved. On the side of the Somaliland government, the Ministry of Finance is in charge of the agreement, while its implementation responsible by the Somaliland Roads Authority and the Ministry of Transport and Road Development.

The 1-st phase of the Lawyo-Addo to Borama road, which has passed through various stages as mentioned above, has been signed, the feasibility study has been carried out, and it is now in its final stage, with the hope that it will start soon Insha-Allah. And now the African Development Bank is expected to release the money that was allocated for the project.

As the Ministry of Finance, based on our role in the implementation of this project and representing the Government of Somaliland in the agreement for the construction of the road, at the same time, keeping in mind its importance, we are taking a great responsibility to follow up with the leaders of the African Development Bank to speed up the money allocated to the project to start the implementation of phase 1 early.

This road is one that we have had a great need for, with a great burden on the traffic of the West coast and the rest of the country, and it is a dream that we do want to come true.

Finally, there are major projects related to roads and bridges that have been implemented since Somaliland regained its independence, including the long road connecting Berbera to Wajaale {Berbera Corridor}, the longest road that has ever been implemented is the road that connects Burco and Eerigabo which is something to be proud of.

It is also worth noting that we should inform the public that on February 26, 2024 that the Minister of Transport and Road Development Hon. Suleiman Awad Ali (Bukhari) opened a meeting to mark the beginning of the construction of the Hargeisa-Odweyne-Burao road. Preparatory work for the start of the Road Project Study, who’s funding is supported by the African Development Bank (AFDB) is in on.

In addition to that, there are many roads that our community has built voluntarily while the government has always been helping them as much as they can.

 Public Relations & Information Department