The spate of animosity killings of Somalilanders in Mogadishu have grave consequences, says Minister Kahin


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Internal Affairs, who is also the chair of the ruling KULMIYE Party Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, said that there are negative consequences of the gruesomely barbaric killings of Somaliland citizens in Mogadishu.

Minister Mohamed Kahin gave the observations while at the funeral of the late Ahmed Aden Abdirahman who was killed in Mogadishu, while noting that the murder was the second out of three high profile ones that happened hence tailored towards antagonizing Somaliland as a nation.

“We came together for the second time at the funeral of Ahmed Aden Abdirahman. It is unfortunate and a non-Islamic incident. We came here for the funeral of the deceased who was killed in Mogadishu. We have already seen one recently, while a third one has just been killed in Garowe”, said the minister.

He continued, “The deceased is said to have been poisoned. These killings are a matter that puts the people of Somaliland in bad mood; hostility and negative consequences that do not wash away from the people. We say to the relatives of the deceased, may God give you patience and faith to accept the fate”.

Minister Mohamed Kahin said that this terrible enmity is causing Somaliland and Somalia governments to never talk again.

“Countries go to wars, there have been many wars in the world, but they thereafter reconcile. These killings would cause such animosity that both governments may never parley again”, he said.

He noted that this only bring back the memories of Somalilanders killings enmasse during the genocide perpetrated against the country by the Siyad Barre regime where mass graves were the order of the day.

He decried that individuals from Somaliland are imprisoned in Somalia with tramped up charges whereas some others Somaliland people had to seek refuge in the US embassy while escaping capture or lynching.

He said, “We believe that some people are being held for dubious reasons. There are other people who surrendered to the American embassy in Mogadishu as they were being chased”.